What We Do

Video Surveillance

The latest residential and commercial video surveillance systems offer the highest level of security, and AccuTech Solutions specializes in them. Whether it’s a camera system to let you watch your home or business while you are away, or a commercial video system with layered security technology, we do it all. We study the latest product offerings from all of the major video equipment manufacturers. This includes the latest in license plate, facial and thermal image recognition cameras. You will be happy to know we only use products from companies who offer cost effective, reliable, user friendly solutions.



Our network technicians design, install and service all sizes of commercial and residential networks. This includes wired or wireless systems, in any indoor or outdoor environment. We specialize in providing our clients with solutions to difficult network design challenges, quick installations, and meticulous follow up to ensure perfect post installation system operations. We do this by surveying each installation site, and designing a solution that will be cost effective with maximum reliability. Weather you need a small residential wireless network or a multi-tiered network for a business, we will visit each site and design a solution that will work specifically for you. Because we guaranty our work, we only use equipment from manufactures who have proven the quality of their products.